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Irish R Rutaquio

Country: Philippines

Native language: Filipino

English level: Basic

Age: 26 y.o.

I am the main source of income in the family, I really want to have a chance to be a scholar not for any other reason but for my family, my sister had problems last year and I paid for her 180k in peso and until now I am paying for that, I really have tight budget so I am applying for a scholar, not only for myself but for my family.. May brother is turning college next year and my father is a stroke survivor, our parents were separated. Life is tough, but I don't want to complain, I keep on looking forward and find a solution, being the eldest I must be their source of strength, I will never give up. This year I will be taking MBA school with a fair fees, this is my ultimate dream, I know this will be a stepping stone to be more successful. I am also a working student back in college.
I will prove that I am trustworthy enough for my future manager. Thank you