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santiago henao castaño

Country: Colombia

Native language: Spanish, Castilian

English level: Basic

Age: 18 y.o.

Hello Manager! I would like to apply for your scholarship program.

I have knowledge in Axie Infinity since I have had the opportunity to help fellow scholars and thanks to that I have gained experience and knowledge, I can also give them 6-8 hours to invest if they give me the opportunity ...

Reasons why we chose you as our scholarship: I am an experienced player in card games such as magic and tactics, I can learn very quickly especially in axie and I already have a lot of knowledge about the game since it generates a lot of interest to win a scholarship for it. learning about this title
My main reason for obtaining a scholarship is because I want to earn money in my spare time to help my family financially since it is currently difficult to study engineering while working in my first semesters. Thanks for your attention