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Ron Michael Banaag

Country: Philippines

Native language: Filipino

English level: Advanced

Age: 19 y.o.

Name: Ron Michael Banaag
Occupation: Student
Device: Samsung A70 (Android phone)

Axie experience:
I tried Axie Infinity on my cousin's phone. I pilot his account sometimes. I watch videos and content creators explaning Axie Infinity. So I know how to play the game and how the game works.

Discord ID: Roroonnn#1194

Hours per day:
6-8 hrs until I meet my daily qouta.

Gaming Experience:
Diamond in LOL (PC), Diamond in LOL (Mobile), Mythic rank in ML (500+pts), and Legendary in DOTA 2.

A bit about yourself:
I'am Ron Michael Banaag, Grade 12 Stem and I'm a honor student. Gaming is my favorite hobby, so I want to turn it into something I can profit with. Sometimes I spent my whole day just to play games.

Why we should choose you:
I have lots of knowledge regarding the game especially how to dominate in arena. I am a fast learner. I am trustworthy to you as my manager.
I am a competitive player. I am willing to follow your requirements, rules, and regulation. I have a lot of time in doing this job.