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Rosano percojeles

Country: Philippines

Native language: Filipino

English level: Basic

Age: 21 y.o.

Name: Rosano percojeles
Age: 21
Gender: male
Civil Status :single
Nationality :Filipino
Occupation :none
Location : San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Hobbies: Traveling and playing games (online or offline)
FB Name : winter snow percojeles
Discord: roaano27#8158
Email add: [email protected]
Device to be use in playing Axie :Android
How many hours per day can you dedicate in playing Axie :8-10hours
Do you have experience in playing Axie infinity? Yes I already have experience playing Axie Infinity before with the help of my friends and also I watch the social media tutorials.

I am a very determined person, hardworking and open for new rooms of experience and learnings. I am a very competent mobile gamer doing grinds for a longer hours. I would prefer for a long time engagement.I want to help my parents for our finances and as well to provide our daily needs also I want to earn money for my study in future. I'm just a helper in a construction company due to this time of pandemic, our source of income has been affected and it couldn't suffice our needs so I am grabbing the opportunity to apply for a scholarship program hoping to be part of your growing team and be one of your scholars.If ever given a chance to win a scholarship of yours sir, I can guarantee you that I can spend more time grinding to reach your exceeding quota.