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Maria Garcia

Country: Venezuela

Native language: Spanish, Castilian

English level: Basic

Age: 22 y.o.

Location: Venezuela
-Occupation: College Student
-How many hours per day can you dedicate to play Axie: more than 8 hours
-Average SLP: between 75-100 SLP por Even more
-Device: PC & Phone
-Connection: stable

-Do you have any experience playing Axie Infinity:

Yes, for a while a friend had the chance to lend me his account, because he really didn't want to continue working with the manager who manages it, since the monthly payment was less than 5%, while he kept looking for another scholarship I had the opportunity to gain experience and understand the game with that account, I learned the importance of PvP and I keep studying and learning to improving at it, before the update I could do more than the minimum 150 SLP per day, currently I can do 100 or more. soon I will return to my friend his account

-Reasons why should we choose you:
First I'm confident as a candidate for this scholarship. I'm a fast learner and willing to learn more, besides I'm a focus player. I consider that I am a disciplined and responsible person, and I want to continue learning to give my best in the game, because honestly I have fun playing it, the main reason why I want the scholarship is to be able to help myself financially and finish the university, I am in 4th year and I don't have other support than mine and my classmates.

I hope that you will consider me, thank you and have a nice day.