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Hasan 16 y.o. | Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Posted at 3/19/2023, 9:56:29 PM

Jay-ar Silin 23 y.o. | Philippines

Name: Jay-ar Silin
Age : 23
Nationality : FILIPINO
Location : Imus cavite
Gender : Male
Occupation : eds manufacturing incorporated

How many hours a day are you ready to play :
6 -8 hrs a day depends to achieve the quota or the managers needs for SLP

Already played Axie ? (if Yes, more details) :
NO.But my friends educated me about the game. Taught me the do's and don'ts of the game. He also let us tried the game using his account.

Are you in a Scholarship at the moment ? :
Not Yet

Do you have an Axie Account, Ronin or Metamask ? (if Yes, which one ?) : YES

Why you and not someone else ?
-I want to help my family with the finances in our home to help financial need of my wife and my children.

How well do you know the game ?
a play to earn game . for rating me , to be honest 8/10, also im very competative especially in competing with other players

What you will do to earn the most SLP possible ?
As per the new Update , you will only get 75 daily ,
and while earning more in arena. ill try my best to maximize axie that will be given to me , at the same time . try to research more win rate in arena, cause this will be the way to earn more slp per day depends in the mmr.

I can grind 75 - 150+ slp a day depending on what axie gives me

Hoping for your kind consideration and praying to be a part of your team for me to be able to help my family. Thank you and God bless

Posted at 3/9/2023, 3:14:10 PM

Jonel 21 y.o. | Philippines

I'm looking for money online plss help me

Posted at 2/27/2023, 3:22:30 AM

Roy sabluden 28 y.o. | Philippines

I'm a poor..

Posted at 2/24/2023, 3:02:32 PM

Jayan 13 y.o. | Sri Lanka

I'm a 13 year, new to this game but knows basic rules and and as a Pokémon I love this game, I'm trying to make money to upgrade my pc. I will play for 1 hour and around 200 slp And I will respect my manager. Thank you :) btw I don't have telegram so just mail me @ [email protected]

Posted at 1/28/2023, 5:59:11 AM

Aksel 18 y.o. | Philippines

I want to earn money for another income

Posted at 1/22/2023, 10:45:30 AM

faxrali 31 y.o. | Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I'm new and i want to have a little fun

Posted at 1/21/2023, 9:38:20 AM

Hakdog 19 y.o. | Philippines

hoping to get a scholarship and win matches with big events lets rock this game.

Posted at 1/7/2023, 11:46:19 AM

Aleks 18 y.o. | Belarus


Posted at 1/1/2023, 6:11:50 PM

Perla Hernandez 23 y.o. | Mexico

Hi my name is Perla and i want to learn and play axies, i see its a very cute and awesome game. But i wanto to earn money because i want to move to my own house in another city,

Posted at 12/23/2022, 7:26:15 AM