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Usama adil 17 y.o. | Pakistan

I request is there any one who can help me soo I can earn money I want to earn and I want to help other people, please help me 😔

Posted at 8/16/2022, 6:24:24 AM

Rhea Cabueños 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hello Manager! Hoping to be one of your scholars. I have an experience playing axie. My team before was God Mech with an mmr of 2,100. And Plant Reptile Bird with a highest mmr of 1,700. And I stopped playing because I thought the price of SLP is not going up anymore. But now with the V3 I want to play again. If I will be one of your scholars you will not going to regret it because I have enough knowledge to the game. I can reach your expectations and be loyal to your guild.

Hoping for your consideration. Thankyou and Godbless!

Posted at 2/13/2022, 10:10:36 PM

John Roe G. Malibiran 24 y.o. | Philippines

Good Day! To my dearest future manager.

Name: John Roe Malibiran
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Quezon, Nueva Ecija
Hours Spend Online: 24 hours
Nationality: Filipino
Internet: Wifi and data
Device: oppo/Andriod phone
Gmail: [email protected]
Mobile number: 09382371016

Average Slp per day: It depends on the energy, If you give me 20 energy I could assure that I would get 200+ slp daily.

Hours to Play Axie: Since pandemic, I had my free time.. And I'm willing to grind 24 hours just to finish the quota that you will give me.

Time zone: GMT+8

Experience: I've played PLANTS VS ZOMBIE MMORPG GAMES, FPS,COC, ML COC and some other mobile/online games.

Do you have experience playing axie infinity: I had played and I watch many axie videos such as; do's and don'ts, adventure guide, pvp guide and etc. by watching videos on youtube and facebook I had a lot of ideas on how to. And I also have friends playing this game that will surely help me in playing it.

Reason why should we choose you: Being your next precious scholar is both an honor and responsibility, I'm applying to be one of your scholars because i need to have a source of income for my families financial and medical needs. If I would be that lucky, I'll willingly do anything whatever it takes to fullfill whatever rules/guide you are about to give me.

Looking forward to be one of your scholars. Thank you. Have a great day.

Posted at 8/6/2022, 4:46:20 AM

ETSonei 22 y.o. | United States

Oh kind soul will you bless me with a scholarship? Im 22, if you switch those numbers I'll be 22 :)) I wanna play axie but I got no pets. Please bless this peasants soul. Thank you.

Posted at 7/28/2022, 1:04:53 AM

Krisnelle Mae Escora 18 y.o. | Philippines

Im Krisnelle Mae Escora, from San Carlos City Negros Occidental Philippines, i am 18 years old, and i am now a 12th grade Highschool Student

Posted at 7/26/2022, 6:44:33 AM

Queen of hell 41 y.o. | United States

Im a gamer , nft buyer & collector i have played tons of games but now its time to try something new .. so im interested in learning the basics of the game ...and if you show me some love i will show you too.

Posted at 7/22/2022, 11:12:31 PM

BALVEER 0 y.o. | Philippines


Posted at 7/20/2022, 12:19:51 PM

Jonas reyes 17 y.o. | Italy

Im looking for a scholarship...im a newbie...no experience...im here to learn and earn something...

Posted at 7/11/2022, 10:09:08 AM

Ralph De Guzman 25 y.o. | Philippines

"All I need is you Manager.”

Name: Ralph De Guzman
Gender: Male
Location: Bantug Hacienda, Talavera Nueva Ecija Philippines
Civil Status: Single
Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Android
Internet: Wifi / Data
Average SLP per day: a guaranteed not below 90-150 SLP a day.
(But will assure you once I mapped it out, I can run up to 150+ but of course will depend on the team that you'll provide me).
Hours per day for playing Axie: 10-12hrs/day.

Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity:
I haven't played the actual game yet but I've learned a lot by watching youtubers and streamers. Their tips and guides helped me understand the mechanics of the game further.

Game experience
Counter Strike
Axie Infinity

Im very determined to get the scholarship. I will always follow the rules, conditions, instructions and your terms.

Help me help you. heart
Let's build our future together. pray

Thank you.

Posted at 7/6/2022, 3:20:56 PM

jonas reyes 17 y.o. | Italy

hey im jonas,,, and im new on axie, so no experience :( ... i want to learn and earn,,,this september im 18,,,and please give me an opportunity...please...

Posted at 7/5/2022, 6:56:26 PM