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Sabufung 24 y.o. | Philippines


Posted at 6/27/2022, 9:48:14 AM

kenneth tio 19 y.o. | Philippines

i want to be scholar

Posted at 6/24/2022, 6:41:04 PM

Angelica Corpuz 18 y.o. | Philippines

"All I need is you Manager.”

Name: Angelica Corpuz
Gender: Female
Location: Quezon Nueva Ecija Philippines
Civil Status: Single
Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Android
Internet: Wifi / Data
Average SLP per day: a guaranteed not below 90-150 SLP a day.
(But will assure you once I mapped it out, I can run up to 150+ but of course will depend on the team that you'll provide me).
Hours per day for playing Axie: 10-12hrs/day.

Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity:
I haven't played the actual game yet but I've learned a lot by watching youtubers and streamers. Their tips and guides helped me understand the mechanics of the game further.

Game experience:
Counter Strike
Dota 2

Im very determined to get the scholarship. I will always follow the rules, conditions, instructions and your terms.

Help me help you. heart
Let's build our future together. pray

Thank you.

Posted at 6/20/2022, 12:23:30 PM

Amara 33 y.o. | Philippines

I am Merian from Philippines. I am applying for a scholarship so that I can play axie. I hope there's a manager here who's willing to help me.

Posted at 6/17/2022, 1:31:10 PM

LosTurpieAxie 20 y.o. | United States

The Turpie Axie academy offers scholarships to start playing immediately, with payments between 50% and 60%! 50/50 AXS!! JOIN US https://discord.gg/Drn8BdwvS5
Competitive accounts, with a large TEAM WORK with the Coach and teachers system. We´ll give youTools to improve, internal championships and much more,!
Write me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will invite you to a brief interview to show and assign you an account to play! We are waiting for you!!!
https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:71bc94897e8836e963fae9c26bb1579f45948eec/axie/?game=origin shrimpnator https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:24e8db0464862ff5453271134036cf98ac2c78de/axie/?game=origin double plant mech https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:2cdee4078796ba0ca41cee77cd6e10a0fba2b575/axie/?game=origin double plant beast https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:b7be7dedaa0340e6464101eb659b4279680d0100/axie/?game=origin double dusk backdoor https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:78d4f6b1d02c31f9324b914bb9bf39936b0e4cc0/axie/?game=origin double plant pez https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:d423eec9132a15b6f0873d8e0dae3596444f6905/axie/?game=origin double anemone lam and bird hare https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:31630e69d5e4924873dac5bb3db37514c547a4cf/axie/?game=origin double plant bird https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:914051f68650422b292ad8ab5ce3536e2b6f0126
https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:68868046521ce631b6a97da4b9af7e572b4b95d0/axie/?game=origin equipo veneno
https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:537c4138d3b471298623c7279584305b57f7fedc/axie/?game=origin doble bicho pez con pocky
https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/profile/ronin:740da6b9155cbc612896c21a202a933b545b799c/axie/?game=origin doble bicho con planta con pocky

Posted at 5/3/2022, 7:24:53 PM

Quennielyn Tagacay 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hi I'm Quennie 18 years of age, I love playing online games, cooking, drawing, study about solar system or about science and also I love singing, I am the kind of person that never give up easily, I am just a simple person, Thank you.

Posted at 6/13/2022, 4:01:15 AM

Vishal khodke 20 y.o. | India

Please give me scholarship in axie infinity
Our prtnar ship will take 80/ 20 persent of wining pric


Posted at 6/12/2022, 4:27:13 AM

Pacific AX 0 y.o. | Philippines

PTPA: Looking for scholar willing to grind dm me! with or without exp
DM me in facebook Pacifi Ax

Posted at 6/2/2022, 7:43:51 AM

Abdel 23 y.o. | Morocco

Hey im Abdel a 6th year medical student who's gonna pass his residency next year so the extra income would reaaally be appreciated because i'll have to stop working to study. I consider myself a couch gamer with quite the experience with pc games and im always curious about new games especially the new metaverse games

Posted at 5/31/2022, 5:42:28 PM

Kurt CG Carvajal 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hi im KURT and i would appreciate any offer from axie Scholarship.
I would like to be part of axie community because its my passion as a gamer and also i want to earn an extra income for my future.
For me axie would be easy for me because i have a lot of time to play it or grind and also i have experience in competitive gamings and strategic planning
If i will be chosen to be a scholar for axie
You can expect me to be
1. Available anytime
2. Ready to learn for new strat or meta
3. I follow orders at all cost
4. I will never quit axie❣

Posted at 5/30/2022, 5:28:01 PM