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Morteza 22 y.o. | Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Trying to enjoy games and if i can make money so so why not

Posted at 9/11/2022, 10:39:12 PM

Delan Morstik 27 y.o. | Bulgaria

I have been gaming since 5 year old, age of empire, warcraft, lol,wow,pokemon, cs, you name it. I can play for 5 hours a day and the reason why I am looking for a scholarship is to actually get used to the game and see for myself that it is worth the investment of 225 dollars. After few days of reading about it I have discovered that the real good axies start around 75 dollars(pure breed, specific combination of skills) If I get 40 percent I can promise to play for you at least 6 months. Also if you are just looking for someone to prove himself I can agree on 1 percent for 1 month so that I can prove I am worth your time. Thank you and good luck!

Posted at 9/6/2022, 8:05:32 PM

Tricia 20 y.o. | Philippines


Posted at 9/3/2022, 1:43:32 PM

Eimantas Seselgis 33 y.o. | Lithuania

Sooo, Im a 33 years old man who just came from hospital. Had stomach operation. Doctors says that i cant work my physical job ( construction sites, plumber, roof builder) and now im looking for alternative get paid from home, coz have to make extra money for my hard working wife and two kids. I have plenty times min 8hour/day and could join any good idea, so please write me :) See ya

Posted at 9/3/2022, 12:34:51 PM

sekhar babu 33 y.o. | India

I played a some of action games and money earning games when I saw this game I am very exiting for playing this so please support me for playing this game. i am waiting for scalar ship... it will very helpful to me for more earning money.

Posted at 8/18/2022, 2:52:12 AM

Usama adil 17 y.o. | Pakistan

I request is there any one who can help me soo I can earn money I want to earn and I want to help other people, please help me 😔

Posted at 8/16/2022, 6:24:24 AM

Rhea Cabueños 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hello Manager! Hoping to be one of your scholars. I have an experience playing axie. My team before was God Mech with an mmr of 2,100. And Plant Reptile Bird with a highest mmr of 1,700. And I stopped playing because I thought the price of SLP is not going up anymore. But now with the V3 I want to play again. If I will be one of your scholars you will not going to regret it because I have enough knowledge to the game. I can reach your expectations and be loyal to your guild.

Hoping for your consideration. Thankyou and Godbless!

Posted at 2/13/2022, 10:10:36 PM

John Roe G. Malibiran 24 y.o. | Philippines

Good Day! To my dearest future manager.

Name: John Roe Malibiran
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Location: Quezon, Nueva Ecija
Hours Spend Online: 24 hours
Nationality: Filipino
Internet: Wifi and data
Device: oppo/Andriod phone
Gmail: [email protected]
Mobile number: 09382371016

Average Slp per day: It depends on the energy, If you give me 20 energy I could assure that I would get 200+ slp daily.

Hours to Play Axie: Since pandemic, I had my free time.. And I'm willing to grind 24 hours just to finish the quota that you will give me.

Time zone: GMT+8

Experience: I've played PLANTS VS ZOMBIE MMORPG GAMES, FPS,COC, ML COC and some other mobile/online games.

Do you have experience playing axie infinity: I had played and I watch many axie videos such as; do's and don'ts, adventure guide, pvp guide and etc. by watching videos on youtube and facebook I had a lot of ideas on how to. And I also have friends playing this game that will surely help me in playing it.

Reason why should we choose you: Being your next precious scholar is both an honor and responsibility, I'm applying to be one of your scholars because i need to have a source of income for my families financial and medical needs. If I would be that lucky, I'll willingly do anything whatever it takes to fullfill whatever rules/guide you are about to give me.

Looking forward to be one of your scholars. Thank you. Have a great day.

Posted at 8/6/2022, 4:46:20 AM

ETSonei 22 y.o. | United States

Oh kind soul will you bless me with a scholarship? Im 22, if you switch those numbers I'll be 22 :)) I wanna play axie but I got no pets. Please bless this peasants soul. Thank you.

Posted at 7/28/2022, 1:04:53 AM

Krisnelle Mae Escora 18 y.o. | Philippines

Im Krisnelle Mae Escora, from San Carlos City Negros Occidental Philippines, i am 18 years old, and i am now a 12th grade Highschool Student

Posted at 7/26/2022, 6:44:33 AM