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Vishal khodke 20 y.o. | India

Please give me scholarship in axie infinity
Our prtnar ship will take 80/ 20 persent of wining pric


Posted at 6/12/2022, 4:27:13 AM

Pacific AX 0 y.o. | Philippines

PTPA: Looking for scholar willing to grind dm me! with or without exp
DM me in facebook Pacifi Ax

Posted at 6/2/2022, 7:43:51 AM

Abdel 23 y.o. | Morocco

Hey im Abdel a 6th year medical student who's gonna pass his residency next year so the extra income would reaaally be appreciated because i'll have to stop working to study. I consider myself a couch gamer with quite the experience with pc games and im always curious about new games especially the new metaverse games

Posted at 5/31/2022, 5:42:28 PM

Kurt CG Carvajal 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hi im KURT and i would appreciate any offer from axie Scholarship.
I would like to be part of axie community because its my passion as a gamer and also i want to earn an extra income for my future.
For me axie would be easy for me because i have a lot of time to play it or grind and also i have experience in competitive gamings and strategic planning
If i will be chosen to be a scholar for axie
You can expect me to be
1. Available anytime
2. Ready to learn for new strat or meta
3. I follow orders at all cost
4. I will never quit axie❣

Posted at 5/30/2022, 5:28:01 PM

Jireh Keith 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hello! I'm looking for a scholarship to help me earn a few income for a while. I am experienced and had been playing axie for almost 5 months. I am a persistent and competitive player. I like to play according to the meta and I'm not lazy when it comes to grinding. I can finish 40-60 energy like watching a movie, and get consistent progress daily. I am a card game fan player and have also played similar games like Runeterra, Gwent.
Axie Experience:
✔️Energy Counting
✔️Card Counting
✔️Reached 2k MMR with various teams(with screenshot proofs)
✔️Season 16 : 2000+ MMR Jumping Poison
✔️Season 17 : 1900+ MMR MAP
✔️Season 18 : 1800+ MMR MAP(same team above)
✔️Season 19 : 2100+ MMR GodMech Poison Team
⚠️Other Teams before Season 16 not mentioned

I hope you choose me to be your scholar! Thank you!

Posted at 2/25/2022, 2:22:04 PM

Harlan coronel 23 y.o. | Philippines

I Have so many time to waste on nothing so i want to use it on something i can earn

Posted at 5/23/2022, 5:15:00 PM

Akaan Godswill 18 y.o. | Nigeria

Hello, I'm a student I need a scholarship to support my college finances. I need help

Posted at 5/23/2022, 7:03:24 AM

Italian job Team Scholarship 0 y.o. | Italy

HELLO! We are an Axie team and we are looking for 10 students. Quota 50% payment every 15 days and monthly bonus for good performance.
No stress environment, if you do not have experience we give you time and support to learn.
We are looking for motivated students, no casual gamers.

Contact me for more information. WhatsApp is required to join the team.

Posted at 5/22/2022, 8:18:45 PM

Hayder 20 y.o. | Tunisia

Hi , i'm requesting to join a scholarship, i'll be on trying grind as much as i can , need this for my college financials , it would be such an opportunity to help me throughout any crises that i could face .
Thanks for your time ❤❤

Posted at 5/22/2022, 5:52:09 PM

Kelvin 17 y.o. | British Indian Ocean Territory

Anything is fine

Posted at 5/19/2022, 12:01:43 PM