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Jeffrey Erick Enriquez 19 y.o. | Philippines

Why am I applying for a Scholarship?
As a sophomore student during this pandemic, money is not an easy access especially with the growing needs in my studies and family. Expenses increase while income is still the same. Acquiring this scholarship would not only help me in my studies but also my family and our expenses. This scholarship would be highly beneficial to the family's daily needs. Lastly, I would like to be an important part of the community by providing income, not just to me and my family, but to this community by helping it to rise to its goals and prosper.

Why do you think we should hire you?
Ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed playing mobile or online games. I am very passionate and motivated in gaming. I am goal oriented, willing to work to get what I want. I have been acing my studies through sheer dedication to my work, I'm sure to do the same to Axie under your management. This scholarship would help me and my family's needs, in my studies, and future accommodations and needs. In line with this, this scholarship could help us help each other, rise to our goals and mission to be part of a meaningful community and provide for our families.

Do you have experience in playing Axie?
I have no direct knowledge of Axie Infinity but I am eager to learn everything there is to learn about Axies. In line with this, I do have knowledge in similar games to Axie such as MLA which also has team compositions and fights, similar to what I saw happening in Axie. In regards to this I am somewhat aware of the Buffs, the classes of the Axies, their body parts and how they can impact the card that they have. They also have 4 stats, which are the Health, Morale, Skill, Speed. This application would help me learn whatever there is to learn about Axie.

Any talents outside playing online games?
I also like watching anime, series and movies. I have adequate proficiency in programming using visual basic and python. I have been acing my subjects especially in mathematics, sciences, engineering classes, drafting, and computer

Short-term and Long-term plans?
The short-term goal is to save as much of this money while spending some of it on me and my family's needs. The long-term goal is to use said money to eventually buy my own Axies and help other needing scholars. Another is to invest remaining money in companies and crypto to further increase income.

Posted at 8/17/2021, 4:03:56 PM

Michael Francis and 17 y.o. | Philippines

I am interested in being part of a scholarship, you will not regret choosing me.
My name is Mico Macapagal
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation: Student
Fb Name: Mico

Device to use to play Axie Infinity: Android Phone

Internet: Wifi

Average SLP: 100-150

How many hours per day: 4-7hrs

Do you have experience playing Axie: Yes I have experience, because i play in Scholarship before but i left because of low split(20%) and strict quotas(after the update gives us 150/day but weak axies)
I will accept some high quotas but it depends on axie

I really want to be part of your scholarship program because I've seen many good things about this game generally how you earn money by only playing it. I really want earn money at young age because i will probably gonna live by myself so i want to earn for myself also i want to help my families expenses in our hose. I Hope you will choose.

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:35:42 PM

Noel 20 y.o. | Philippines

Playing mobile/online games is my hobby, and i am smart when it comes to it. I've also already tried several PvP games. But when i've found Axie, i've been interested to play it especially it's "earning while playing" game. I have friends that are already playing this game and it's also the reason why I've fully understand the mechanics of this game.

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:32:03 PM

Christian Tafur 29 y.o. | Peru

Hi! Im looking for a scholarship. I need to be able to cover the costs of the therapies that my son is taking

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:27:55 PM

Crystelle Lois Agpoon 24 y.o. | Philippines

I am a BS Computer Science graduating student. I do part time jobs like online selling, tutor and so on.. I am also a voluntereed feeding center and sunday school teacher, once a week we feed children from the mountain top. My parents died during this pandemic, so I have to grind to survive. I can guarantee you that I won't waste the opportunity, I am eager to earn that's why I'm willing to learn.

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:23:00 PM

Joshua Lojo 21 y.o. | Philippines

Trustworthy and honest. Can gain 100-150 slp of the axie is good. Know the mechanics and skill of every axie by watching in youtube and my friends everyday. Never let you down if u choose me to become one of your scholar. Thank you!

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:22:31 PM

Carlo Betchido 20 y.o. | Philippines

I'm ah gamer And a student I'm also a hard-working person because I want to help my family of this pandemic

Posted at 8/17/2021, 3:18:07 PM

Irish R Rutaquio 26 y.o. | Philippines

I am the main source of income in the family, I really want to have a chance to be a scholar not for any other reason but for my family, my sister had problems last year and I paid for her 180k in peso and until now I am paying for that, I really have tight budget so I am applying for a scholar, not only for myself but for my family.. May brother is turning college next year and my father is a stroke survivor, our parents were separated. Life is tough, but I don't want to complain, I keep on looking forward and find a solution, being the eldest I must be their source of strength, I will never give up. This year I will be taking MBA school with a fair fees, this is my ultimate dream, I know this will be a stepping stone to be more successful. I am also a working student back in college.
I will prove that I am trustworthy enough for my future manager. Thank you

Posted at 8/17/2021, 2:21:24 PM

Jerrydale C Santillana 31 y.o. | Philippines

I am employed, married and I have two kids, 5 and 2yo. My salary is enough for my family's needs but this still makes me guilty coz I used to send monthly financial help to my parents before this pandemic hit us. I am the eldest and my mother is the only one who is earning and I still have a brother who is still studying. I believe that becoming a scholar will help my family and my parents financially. I hope and pray that I will be picked as one of your lucky scholar. I can guarantee you I am dedicated and i am more than willing to give my best to earn the required SLP (or more!) daily for I am goal oriented. Thank you!

Posted at 8/17/2021, 1:49:00 PM

Mia A. Cañete 18 y.o. | Philippines

Hi, I am Mia A. Cañete and a hopeful future Axie Scholar. I am already 18 years old and currently a college freshman. The reason why I am eager to be an Axie Scholar because I want to help my parents with our daily expenses and to save also to buy laptop for my studies. My parents don't have a stable job because of this Pandemic and I could really say that life becomes more difficult. It's already been 3 months since I started finding my luck on becoming an Axie Scholar yet up until now, I still haven't been chosen. I already have a lot of knowledge regarding Axie since I've been watching a lot of Tutorials in YouTube and even Livestream. If I will be given a chance to be part of your growing team, I could definitely say that I could reach 100-150 SLP a day or it depends on the team and the abilities of the Axies as well. Overall, I am still praying, hoping and waiting to be finally an Axie Scholar. Thank you and God Bless! 🤍😊🙏

Posted at 8/17/2021, 1:41:26 PM